Birds on a Wire feat. Katie Kilbride (Damian Lazarus Re-Shape)

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After an unprecedented period of change throughout our industry, one thing held strong, a flow of great music from the Desert Hearts Black imprint. Once again, they are closing out their year with a compilation titled “Best Of” featuring the top tunes from their recent catalog. Taking some time to dive into this tracklist, you quickly remember the big moments and releases that continued the growth and evolution of this rising label.

Birds on a Wire feat. Katie Kilbride

When looking back, there is no bigger moment than welcoming the wizard and master curator Damian Lazarus to the label with his massive remix of “Birds on a Wire.” This release was a strong shift for label heads Marbs and Evan Casey, featuring vocals from Katie Kilbride, setting a big tone for all that is to come. Los Angeles based and returning friend of the label, Anakim, leaves his mark once again with a powerhouse dark tune titled “Salvations Flight.”

When Yesterday Ends feat. Katie Kilbride

Some incredible artists making their debut on the label this year are featured in this compilation, Andreas Hennenberg, Marc DePulse, Justin Marchacos, Darin Epsilon, Raul Facio, Pantheon and James Trystan just to name a few. Another focus has been the annual “Gateways” Compilation, and the number of up and coming artists we are shown, making incredible music. Several tracks from that release have found their way onto the Best of the year, and that is a beautiful thing for aspiring producers and the reach of such compilations.

Needed Time (Oscar L on a Trip Remix)

The ‘Best of 2021’ from Desert Hearts Black is another great showcase of their expanding vision of sharing great, journey driven music from artists all over the world. Step back into their catalog and enjoy some genre bending sounds, and reflect on a year that brought massive shifts and a fresh take on everyone’s creative process.

Birds on a Wire feat. Katie Kilbride

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