Leaving Laurel – Live from Two Countries (2021)

When Pierce and I were living together in Laurel Canyon, we had started to develop what would eventually become our improvised live electronic show. We streamed two performances from the affectionately named “hut” in Laurel Canyon, again in the living room of that house, and once again in Pierce’s studio in Connecticut.

Separated during the pandemic, we decided to work virtually and continue to develop the show from our respective homes. In the spring of 2021, we recorded another performance that we titled “Live from Two Countries”. The recording was finished just weeks before Pierce passed away.

Since then, Griff and I were never really sure if we were ready to re-watch the performance, let alone release it to the world.

To celebrate what would be Pierce’s 30th birthday, we’ve decided it’s time to share this special moment with all of you. It will premiere on June 6 at 5pm BST / 12pmEDT on Anjunadeep’s YouTube channel. We’ll be including a fundraiser on the live stream to raise money for an organization close to our hearts, The Yellow Tulip Project.