lingerie is quite capable of giving you any number of erotic thrills, whetting your appetite for what’s to come


Your surroundings play an important part in foreplay. Your favorite nick-nacks, gorgeous fabrics, and exotic colors will become the best aphrodisiac for your love-making. The idea is to come up with those appointments which encircle you in sensual and inspiring warmth. Consider, for example, how a minimalist or neutral décor can turn you off and chill your desire. The easiest thing to do to keep things on a high note is to experiment with the color of the walls. It’s important to choose colors which agree with your personality. The secret is to cover one wall with the color you’ve picked and paint the rest of the walls with lighter tones of the same. Dark chocolate, cherry, or brownish-grey tones, for example, go with everything and are ideal for matching with items of bold, brilliant colors (fuchsia, red, turquoise blue, etc.), such as pillows, covers, candles, and carpets.

Another option would be to use wallpaper of a natural, pop, or classical, etc., motif.

There are many ways you can use interior design to achieve a more erotic ambience. I recommend that you create veils; experiment with the diaphanous properties of various materials so that you create an intimate, enticing space using lace curtains, Japanese screens, and exotic, semi-transparent curtains. The bedroom set, for example, hung with some gauze curtains (like you would hang mosquito netting or a canopy), will create a sensual, smashing effect.

Furniture also plays a part in creating an alluring environment in the home. Don’t be afraid to try different things, to shake things up with different styles or formats. There is nothing more boring than a living room or bedroom where everything looks the same.

Comfort plays an important part in foreplay. Don’t skimp when it comes time to decorating the house with warm carpets, fluffy cushions, velvet-covered furniture, crepe, big pillows . . .

Here are some other items which will provide an irresistibly aphrodisiac touch for your home:

Different-shaped mirrors. In the living room as well as bedroom, choose mirrors which are over-the-top, baroque, and glamorous. Ideally, you should place a large dressing mirror next to the bed so you can watch while you’re making love.

Pictures and photos with erotic scenes and subjects. These will always be a suggestive accompaniment to your sexual play.

Crystal lamps are much sexier than the fluorescent type. Play with indirect lighting, dimmers, and all sorts of lamps of more personal designs.

If you have a terrace, paint it in brilliant colors. Fill it with plants and create a “chill-out” zone; include a hammock!

Experiment with candles and candelabra spread throughout the house. You can put little piles of petals around them, providing a wonderfully evocative touch.

For those marathon sex sessions, have at hand a tray of dried fruits, baklava, dates, halwa, and artisan teas.


It was Homer, in one of his tales, who told how Aphrodite leant her magic girdle to Hera, Zeus’s wife, so that Hera could regain her husband’s affection. It’s possible that this is the first reference to the use of undergarments, which the Greeks and Egyptians considered an attribute of advanced civilization.

The role of lingerie is twofold. Firstly, it should make you feel like you’re the sexiest and most irresistible woman on the planet, and secondly, it should wake up your lover’s desire. Forget about having a perfect body. Your attitude, demeanor, and self-esteem are what make you sexy.

Take the initiative to wear more daring garments. This little “extra” will increase your partner’s desire a thousand-fold, and why not choose the lingerie together? Let him give vent to his most hidden desires which haunt his heart.

Besides, the special fabrics used to make lingerie are quite capable of giving you any number of erotic thrills throughout the day, whetting your appetite for what is to come at night!


Every woman has her own distinct and personal style, inside and out. The objective is to get whatever makes you feel like the most irresistible woman in the world, always true to your own self.

• • Romantic. Wear bikinis and tangas with gaudy flowers, lace, embroidery, delicate fabrics, and pastel colors.

• • Elegant. You can find lingerie of high couture and exquisite design, made of fabric bordered with silk that fits you like a second skin.

• • Sport-Chic. Cotton is the perfect textile. Choose fun patterns with numbers, letters, lines, tropical flowers, or suggestive messages.

• • Innovator. Dare to try out camouflage patterns, menswear, and outfits with military insignia. (Pg.47)

WE&P by: EZorrillaM.

“Oral Sex for Every Body: Giving and Receiving for Men and Women” by Tina Robbins.