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Saintbull – Unexpected (Original Mix) // Almar

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Release day 💜 We are thrilled to have on board a great artist Saintbull with his brand-new release ‘Unexpected’ that also includes a charming track ‘Tired Eyes’ feat. beautiful vocal of Pol Aguirre ✨

Saintbull about the EP:

‘Unexpected’ started with a solid reference, I was inspired by Stephan Bodzin, after turning the track around I gave it an unexpected twist with a powerful bassline and violent synths, that’s what characterizes this single. And of course, as a final result, not even the brake releases the rhythm.

The inspiration for the single ‘Tired Eyes’ comes from wanting
to do something different, melodic, elegant but at the same time that can sound on a dance floor. To make the melodies I usually go to the sea or the mountains on weekends, I sit in silence for a while and start humming it, it’s just a matter of time.

Once I had the base done, I didn’t hesitate to call
my vocal producer friend Pol Aguirre who gave the track a more interesting and delicate tone with his voice.

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