Paco Rabanne | Spring Summer 2023 | Full Show

Paco Rabanne revolutionised fashion, with his mini-skirted metallic dresses: often one-offs, hand-made, he pioneered the recycling of materials in clothing, creating show-stopping outfits out of hammered metal, knitted fur, aluminium jersey, fibreglass and fluorescent leather – and epehemeral paper creations, too.

The first Paco Rabanne store was opened in Paris in January, at a 60 m² premises located in Rue Cambon. In its wake, the brand launched the first ready-to-wear advertising campaign and an e-commerce website. “Choosing Paris was important, to establish Paco Rabanne as a luxury brand. Puig owns and operates both in the fashion and fragrances sector under the Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, and Paco Rabanne brands.