Katrin Souza – Robot’s Train (KSTP Remix)

Two solid remixes on recently released Robots Train by Katrin Souza. First one from Techno Phobia has pure soulful summer vibe, relaxing and simply amazing, perfect for day and sunset DJ sets or just listening. Second one from other side has more energetic and powerful feel that will perfectly feet to prime time sets, classy progressive house remix work from underrated KSTP. ~ HOROSHO.

Katrin Souza _ Robots Train (Original Mix)

Katrin Souza Robots Train Original Mix Robots Train || HOROSHO. || Progressive house || RD 2022-05-27

Katrin Souza Robot’s Train Techno Phobia Remix Robots Train (Remixes) || HOROSHO. || Progressive house || RD 2022-07-15

Robots Train (Magnetic Brothers Remix) · Katrin Souza Robots Train ℗ HOROSHO.