Interactive Noise @ Unite – Psytrance Sessions

A Psy/Progressive set by Interactive Noise for Unite – Let the music Unite us! Since the beginning of time, great breakthroughs in human history have been achieved through the concept of unity. Through the power of unity we started revolutions, survived wars and created everything that ever moved humanity. Homo Sapiens are social beings.

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This is an independent and non-profit project, created by active members of the global psychedelic community. Tailor-made live streamed DJ, live sets and visual VJ mixes, from various locations around the world, will be accessible via our website: Facebook:… Youtube:… We want to give back once again. This is how Unite has come to life. It stems from the intention of spreading the love to the movement and to all who breathe life into it. The power of music and oneness cannot stop. Let the Music Unite Us.