Today’s Card – Five of Swords – Make Amends

A hollow victory, i.e., meaningless, is a Pyrrhic victory, an empty victory that is not worth winning because so much is lost to achieve it. A pyrrhic victory is a victory that comes at a high cost, making the ordeal to win not worth it. There are five synonyms for pyrrhic-victory, like Cadmean-victory, offset victory, and no-win situation. The term relates to Pyrrhus, a king of Epirus who, in 279 BCE defeated the Romans but lost many of his troops, winning the battle but losing the war. 

Five Of Swords Description

A sly-looking man picks up three swords from the ground. He glances over his shoulder at two men walking away with their shoulders slouched, conveying a sense of sadness and loss. Two more swords are strewn across the grass, suggesting a battle has been fought and lost. The sky is cloudy and tumultuous, revealing that not all is well even though the fighting has stopped. In readings, when the swords in the images point downward and the tip toward the ground, it symbolizes the handing over of power and victory. The Five of Swords reversal means that all you want for that particular period is over; you can forget and forgive. The Five of Swords, in general, represents a bad omen. When this card appears in your reading, it tells a story of discord, defeat, stress, and anxiety. Because there is no positive association with this card, the answer in a Yes or No reading is No.

Five of Swords

How To Avoid An Empty Victory.

  1. Zoom out to see the big picture. Look at the beginning, where you are, the middle, what’s expected to happen, and where you want to be in the end. 
  2. Keep in mind core principles and focus on any overarching goals, where ego and power cloud judgment.
  3. Recognize that we don’t have to lose our minds because everyone else has. Keep it real. 
  4. Recognize when to give up. This is key. Live to fight again.
  5. Remember that underdogs can win – or at least put up a good fight. Don’t take your contender for granted. 

Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.

  • To assist you in analyzing your thoughts and expectations, it is helpful to verbalize them in written form. Keep a journal and write down your impressions about situations you care deeply about. Detail what you plan to do in each case. Later, look at what you wrote and analyze your path and motives. Make sure you write about any strong emotions you might have.
  • Be very specific in detailing your mission expectations and thoughts on the conditions.
  • Ask yourself, “What have I learned about myself?”
  • “What can I do differently? What will I change?

Today’s Card

The upright card depicts the battle, whereas the reversed describes the outcome. Wisely one can alter the course of events by avoiding attitudes blinding one to possible ego-driven pitfalls. There may be residual resentment following a recent or past argument with someone close to you. You’ve had some very challenging and heated conversations and may still harbor negative emotions from these discussions. If the conflict remains unresolved and unaddressed, it may impact your ability to create a harmonious relationship. The Five of Swords reversed in your reading suggests that you are ready to move forward with your life and make positive changes. It’s time to bring your energy back within and ground yourself. Come back to that beautiful, soulful person you are and ask yourself: how can I help create a win-win solution here? It may mean a compromise, or it might be time to move on with your life. so you can go forward to other pastures and create a more fertile ground for new ideas, collaborations, and victories. (EZM)