Knight of Wands – Mastery of Growth and Inner Development.

The moral qualities appropriate to this figure are activity, generosity, fierceness, impetuosity, pride, impulsiveness, and swiftness in unpredictable actions. The Knight is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted, perverse, and brutal if wrongly energized. If ill dignified, he is inadequate to carry on his duty; he has no means of modifying his plans according to changing circumstances. If he fails in his first effort, he has no resources left to fight again.

Fiery reds, yellows, and gold dominate this card as they do all the Wand court cards. Wands, ruled by the element Fire, stand for perception, intuition, insight, and sexual and physical energy. A magnificent, thrilling, passionate image that burst off the card. The forward thrust of the horse’s head, mane, and tail and the Knight’s hair and beard suggests that they are in the act of jumping and are also blown from behind by some unimaginably powerful explosive force. The Knight of Wands’s flaming flowing cape, his helmet, and an ornamented unicorn’s head, whose alicorn portrays the third human eye, symbolizes the mastery of growth and inner development. With a burning torch in his left hand, the Knight of Wands incinerates all negativity and removes the obstacles that block the way to his inner growth. The Knight’s armor, made of reptile skin, embodies shedding all that is old and narrow. As a reptile grows, it must, from time to time, crawl out of the old skin, which has become too tight. His vision, a vehicle for decisive action, becomes a horse leaping courageously forward into the outer world, manifesting the energy created in the increased perception by moving constructively in every tricky situation. The Knight of Wands certainly has the potential to be the most vital member of the court cards. Robert Fulton, Indira Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and Mary Queen of Scots would be today’s Knights of Wands.

Ponder the following indications, questions, and suggestions while enjoying a cup of honey-sweetened camomille tea, and later, while picking up the dishes, repeat the affirmation.

Indications: Be awake and ready for people or situations which could produce dynamic changes in your consciousness. Be grateful for this gift from existence. Receive it, and don’t cling to it. 

Questions: Does your present situation allow your energies to develop and unfold fully? If not, what must be removed or changed? 

Suggestion: Seek out situations and opportunities that challenge you! Engage with all your energy. 

Affirmation: Every challenge which arises helps me grow. Every storm strengthens my roots.

Mistakes, successes, and conflicts are course adjustments or track shifts along our journey. They can be minor swells on the sea to bring our attention back to the rhumb line. Others could be storms requiring drastic directional changes; some yet might be major and life-defining. They all call for swift action but with different strategies and strengths. Glance down your mission’s course, gauge the snags and benefits along the way, plot the course with them in mind, and adapt as the weather changes. (EZM)

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

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