Darko Milosevic – Steyoyoke Radioshow #098

August’s Steyoyoke Radio Show materializes with the help of Darko Milosevic, starring his densely packed productions consistently carrying fresh, forward-thinking sounds. In Darko’s current collection, he shares some of our latest tracks. Headlining a host of memorable melodies from artists, Soul Button, Hannes Bieger, Frank Hopkins, and Mark Tramonea, this mix is an apt reflection of Darko’s rapport with deep, melodic-driven music.

Frank Hopkins – In Flore (Original Mix) 1;00:00 Darko Milosevic & THC – Dark Night Of The Soul (Original Mix) 2;05:41 Mark Tramonea – Run And Hide (Extended Mix) 3;11:23 U:ICHI – Falling In Silence (Technicolor Remix) 4;17:05 Grammik & Darko Milosevic – Ecliptic (Original Mix) 5;22:31 Odagled – Dallenek (Original Mix) 6;27:26 Soul Button – Merine (Morttagua Remix) 7;32:50 Revival Agents – Cosmic Spirals (Dmitry Molosh Remix) 8;38:50 David Granha – Alive (Original Mix) 9;45:28 Hannes Bieger & Olivia Foxglove – Lucid Dream (Original Mix) 10;50:40 Boston 168 & Giorgia Angiuli – Entrainment (Original Mix) 11;56:15

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