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Revival Agents – Cosmic Spirals (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Timeless Moment]

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French duo Revival Agents are back to Timeless Moment with the highly spiritual single “Cosmic Spirals”.

A very deep, haunting and dark male vocal, with very introspective lyrics bring life to “Cosmic Spirals”, the single that comes to put the rising French progressive duo in the label spotlight. Ethnical instruments, organic synths , guitars and an infectious pluck riff bring a total hypnotic state to the track, for a total timeless fluorescent journey.

Byelorussian prog master Dmitry Molosh is back to Timeless Moment on the Remix duties. On his take, a total harmonic shift, new melodies and synths and his trademark bass line groove, making this remix one of the future classics in our label catalog!!

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