Creepy Deep – Capivara [Psychedelic Visuals]

The track, titled ‘Capivara,’ is a showpiece that will take you on a journey through the South American rainforests, especially keeping in mind the behavior of the ‘Capivara’ aka nature’s most chilled-out animal. These giant rodents emit sounds that give you a sense of thrill, and Marco, in an exciting manner, has captured those elements in this track.

This offering from Creepy Deep is a trippy and transcendental musical experience with a perfect blend of psychedelia and his creepy signature sounds and woody elements. The track starts with a deep bassline that’s soon accompanied by mystifying leads and atmospheric elements as it builds towards the final drop.

One might say that the flow of this track is quite hypnotic and entrancing – adding to its brilliance as an auditory delight.

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