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Crop Circles – Geometricks

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VA – Beyond Expectation Compiled by DJ Solitare, released on 2022-08-12 by Matsuri Digital –

MD074 Matsuri Digital is delighted to announce the release of a full-length compilation curated by DJ Solitare entitled Beyond Expectation. Beyond Expectation features nine brilliant tracks in a range of styles, tempo, and character that reflect some of the variety of music commonly heard at the Goa-style parties of the 90s. The title is inspired by a common quality of those early events: those attending didn’t fully know what to expect at a party but recognized that the unfamiliar and unanticipated would provide a musical voyage through experience and consciousness. It wasn’t always clear how a track would develop or what would follow it, but everyone was there for the journey.

Beyond Expectation – DJ Solitare (Full Album / Matsuri)

Beyond Expectation contains nine cutting-edge psychedelic tracks by international producers, with artists active since the formative years of the Goa Trance scene thirty years ago alongside others who have come on the scene at various times over the last two decades: Opale, M-Run, Spindrift, Hypnoxock, TMC, Crop Circles, Funky Gong, Tao & Naga, and Rigel. The array of sounds, harmonic and melodic content, moods, and storylines make this release a full-spectrum voyage through psychedelic soundscapes of innovative electronic dance music. Released August 12 on Matsuri Digital – be sure to get your copy and buckle up for a psychedelic musical journey!

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