Myth Helia – Supercilious – Barren Wasteland

Myth Helia – Chapter 1: Supercilious, Released 2021-08-27, IbogaTech, IBOGATECH102

Our story unfolds in the beginning when there was nothing, until the goddess descended into the void. Out of the nothingness she created the land and ocean, followed by the forests, mountains and rivers. She named this land Helia, and left behind two artifacts – the Eastern and Western Orbs – that would, in her absence, keep the world in balance.

For thousands of years the land of Helia prospered and seemed was destined to remain forever fruitful, until a group of Helians tried to locate and use the power of the Orbs for their own purposes. In their greedy pursuit the Eastern Orb was shattered – quickly turning half of Helia to a world of imbalance, twilight and shadow. The goddess, infuriated by the betrayal of the Helians, refused to forgive the unbalancing of the world and withdrew, leaving the continent to its own undoing. Hope remained, and a plan was set in motion to restore balance to this broken world. Myth Helia gives life to this epic odyssey. Enter the world beyond and let the tones, grooves and frequencies take you further into the myth.

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