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Waio, Laughing Buddha & Frostbite – Patterns

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Lost inside the machine Waio, Frostbite and Laughing Buddha followed the wildly morphing sequences deeper into the swirling mass that enveloped their senses and shot them out into cosmos at a speed faster than light from where they could watch the cymatic patterns of the universe pulsate in time to their music !

Three very different artists have come together to create a very special track that will surprise many. Waio, Frostbite and Laughing Buddha have brilliantly blended their styles and grooves to give us a fresh take on dancefloor mayhem!

Avalon and Waio’s monumental anthem ‘Shiva’ made waves when it was first released, and has remained a firm crowd favourite ever since. Now the Brazilian super-pairing Webra (Waio & Vegas) have remixed ‘Shiva’ and given it a fresh lease on life that will ensure its uplifting resonance travels further in time and touches new souls.

Webra have remixed it all very carefully, retaining the vibe of the original track but adding their own flare and theatrics that will make dance-floors bounce in exaltation, just as the mighty Shiva favours!

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