Carl Cox @ Château de Chambord in France for Cercle

The Château de Chambord in Chambord, Centre-Val de Loire, France, is one of the most recognisable châteaux in the world because of its very distinctive French Renaissance architecture which blends traditional French medieval forms with classical Renaissance structures. Wikipedia

The king Carl Cox playing a unique DJ set in the beautiful Château de Chambord for Cercle. ☞ Subscribe our channel for more videos: ☞ Subscribe our Spotify playlist: ☞ Cercle on Apple Music: ☞ Become a Cercle Member: ☞ Carl Cox Special thanks to the Château de Chambord. Feel free to follow this magnificent chateau:…… __ 47°36’59.5″N 1°30’59.8″E

Video credits: Artist: Carl Cox Venue: Château de Chambord Produced by Cercle Producers: Derek Barbolla & Philippe Tuchmann Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla Directors of photography: Anatole Vaillant, Jérémie Tridard, Haytham Omar. Photographers: Maxime Chermat & Jacob Khrist Drone: Alexis Olas Sound Engineer: Charles Dumaire & Timothée Renard assisted by Aurélien Moisan Light Engineer: Quentin Enguerrand & Silver General stage manager: Fabrice Marchand Technical partner (sound, light, truss): FL Group Special thanks to Château de Chambord team (Jean d’Haussonville, Cecilie de Saint Venant, Isaure de Verneuil, Fréderic Villerot & Jonathan) Also thanks to Galerie Joseph ____ Follow us on