Anyma & Marigoldff – Claire (Official NFT Music Video)

Visionary meta-music producer, Anyma, one half of world-famous music production duo, Tale Of Us, has collaborated with Berlin-based digital artist Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff and IOR50 Studio, to deliver the world’s first full-size full-definition NFT music video.

As humanity continues to explore the possibilities surrounding digital creation, the metaverse has expanded beyond existing parameters. A consolidation of organic material and algorithmic data is the basis for a new utopian reality.

In this integrated digital space, Anyma & Marigoldff merge their creative talents to build and grow a self-generated consciousness, pushing the boundaries between nature and technology, and projecting their art into unexplored spaces.

Innovative and unprecedented, Anyma & Marigoldff, will be the first to utilize Kanon’s KSPEC Protocol to mint and release a full quality music video on blockchain. The first NFT without size limitations from any music artist. KSPEC will soon become the standard for all NFTs, allowing for unlimited file sizes directly on chain. This is a watershed moment as the worlds of digital art, crypto and music intersect. With few exceptions, the NFT format has been limited to a fixed file size ranging from 30MB to a maximum 500MB, confining the length, fidelity and creative scope of the work being sold. Meanwhile, music industry videos have been costly endeavors for artists with sales of their music the only option to recoup expenses. We are witnessing the emergence of a new opportunity for artists to engage with NFTs as a vehicle to deliver art and access directly to collectors. A new renaissance without gatekeepers and industry intermediaries is unfolding.

The owner of this NFT will possess the full length original video on SuperRare in perpetuity, and an additional two 15-second animations that extrapolate on characters present in the music video. The collector’s wallet address will be credited each time the video is used for online promotional purposes and/or live events. In addition, the owner’s “will name” will be added on chain through KSPEC.

Anyma, a hybrid persona with a multi-disciplinary approach, simultaneously coexists in the digital and physical realms. The amalgamation is a composition of parts; digital artist, electronic music creator, and augmented reality performer. Anyma is the catalyst behind the next evolutionary phase of Afterlife’s progressive sound. Each release will be unveiled as a complete body of work containing music and digital NFTs, transporting melodic techno into diverse and innovative territory

Giusy Amoroso aka Marigoldff is a Berlin-based director, digital artist and the co-founder of IOR50 Studio. Her NFT work is already highly collectible. Originally from Italy, Marigoldff has developed a distinct visual style, frequently embellished with a metallic edge. Sharing narratives of the many possible multiverses existing parallel to our world, she explores the convergence of science, technology and nature. The majority of her creations feature inspirations from our world’s biodiversity.

Pioneering musical concept Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, has unveiled new EP ‘Claire’, out 16th July on Rose Avenue Records. Anyma – Claire EP 1) Anyma & Janus Rasmussen – Claire feat Delhia De France 2) Anyma – Forevermore 3) Anyma – Sonder

Music written and produced by Anyma, Janus Rasmussen and Delhia De France. Released on Rufus Du Sol’s Rose Avenue Records.

Video directed by Anyma & Marigoldff, produced by IOR50 Studio, Berlin