Audiodact – Reverie

“Audiodact’s debut album Reveries tells a wordless musical story about times and places in his life. This dreamy meandering flows across 9 tracks, with a truly personal journey that bears the mark and contribution of people who have had an important part and impact in his life.
All tracks were created with original mixes, and the masters were made by Audiodact’s mentor and good friend @mne.nilssonmusic @metronomeofficial.

Cover art for the album singles and album artwork were all created using photos taken by Audiodact’s mother’s last visit to the village of Kangaamiut along the West coast of Greenland – a place that holds his happiest memories of time spent together with family in the most stunning natural environment.

The album pays tribute to the thoughts, daydreams, people and memories that make up our personal inner worlds.”

Audiodact – Reveries, released on 26.08.2022. by Iboga Records – IBOGADIGITAL776

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