Morttagua – Epic Of Gilgamesh (Haze-M Remix) [Timeless Moment]

One of Timeless Moment’s best-selling singles “Epic of Gilgamesh” receives stunning interpretations in this new Remix Ep.

Spaniard legend D-Formation teams up with rising talent Masella to bring a total new progressive twist to the original. A true magical interpretation by the duo, making new harmonies and new melodies while keeping the original ethnical vibes going on strong. A mystic mix of deep introspective feeling through a timeless melodic journey.

Tunisian star Haze-M is back to Timeless Moment with a true dance floor weapon re-interpretation of “Epic of Gilgamesh”. Haze-M keep lots of the original elements intact in this Remix, while adding Indie dance vibes with 80’s drums and bass lines. Only a master of production like Haze-M could combine ethnical elements so well with new retro synth wave vibes to make such a timeless future classic!

“Haze-M Remix” Mastered by Danny Oliveira at Konker Audio:

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