SHAMANIC JOURNEY • Activate Your Higher Mind • Shaman Drums • Trance and Meditation

Welcome to this Shamanic Journey! 🔥

The rhythm of shamanic drums will help you enter into a Shamanic Trance and Meditation, that will lead you into deeper connection with nature and your inner self! 🍃

This shamanic meditation music is a powerful tool that can help you reduce negativity and worries, calm your mind, relief your daily stress, improve physical and emotional balance and relax your mind and body!

Close your eyes, breathe, relax and feel the positive energy boost and spiritual awakening that Mother Earth offers to you! 🌱

Alternatively, just let it play in the background and feel the positive vibes being spread!

This Shamanic Trance Drumming is also perfect as yoga music, massage music and reiki music.

Be patient, be brave.
Your spirit is strong! 🙏

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