Johann Bley – Masters Of Psytrance Vol. 9 [Full Album]

Hailing from Hamburg where he grew up, Johann Bley was there from the start. So much so that you can find videos of him dancing in Goa & VuuV back in 1991. He played live drums for various Bands increasing his profile as a respected artist in Germany. in 92 Johann joined ‘Juno Reactor’ and ‘Youth’ from Dragonfly. Under the name of ‘Mandra Gora’ he finished off two of the tracks which had become Goa anthems. in 98 his first album “Blow Your Mind” has been released including the all time anthem ‘Stranded’ which later on received groundbreaking remixes by ‘The-Delta’ and ‘1200 Micrograms’. In his second album Johann teamed up with Tim Schuldt as the audio engineer, creating a perfect combination between two different and wonderful worlds. Distorted guitars with dark and fat basslines had led to a unique outcome full of intense energy. There is no doubt Johann Bley is one of the big characters in the Psytrance scene, his music is considered heavy duty, at times dark and others light, his writing skills captures moments of pure magic that takes you on a journey, like the original masters of the psytrance did. And so we are proud to release his most influential, exciting and timeless classic hits on this episode of Masters of Psytracne

Tracklist: 00:00:00 | Johann Bley – Stranded The (Delta Remix – 2022 Remaster) 00:08:04 | Johann Bley – Leave Your Body (X-Dream Remix – 2022 Remaster) 00:16:48 | Johann Bley – Great Eastern (Outer Signal & Johann Bley Remix – 2022 Remaster) 00:23:28 | Johann Bley – Everything’s Going Fine 00:30:43 | Johann Bley -Brainspinner 00:38:06 | Johann Bley – La Vie En Rose 00:47:40 | Johann Bley -Wicked Warp Remix 00:56:01 | Johann Bley -Wicked Warp 01:01:18 | Johann Bley – Same Same But Different 01:07:33 | Johann Bley – Come Up To The Lab 01:15:06 | Johann Bley – Great Eastern (Retro Mix – 2022 Remaster) 01:21:19 | Johann Bley – Remote Launcher 01:27:48 | Johann Bley -Stranded Original (Re-Edit Mix – 2022 Remaster)

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