GRAZZE & Deeparture (feat. Dan Soleil) – Unfolding (Zerothree Exclusive)

When it comes to writing emotional #REALPROG there are no better producers to match together than GRAZZE and Deeparture. Spain and The Netherlands combine force alongside the vocal talents of Dan Soleil to showcase “Unfolding”.

GRAZZE over the past 12 months has become somewhat of a household name within Zerothree; releasing regularly throughout the dance calendar and bringing such unique and special vibes throughout each of his productions. Deeparture made his debut back in 2019 and it is safe to say the taste for the sound was firmly planted! The long-awaited return of Deeparture is a welcomed one for sure.

“Unfolding” was born as a result of lockdown, an anthem to spread emotion and meaning throughout the melodic dance world. Not only did two producers connect, but the addition of Dan Soleil’s genius topline has ensured this record is tipped for future greatness and three artistic creatives are now friends. Prepare to really FEEL this one.

This is GRAZZE, Deeparture & Dan Soleil… This is REALPROG