Grush – Fractal Voices (Original Mix) // Almar

Happy release day 💥 Meet a talented producer from Switzerland, Grush with his new stomper ‘Fractal Voices’ 🙌

Artist about the EP:

‘The song ‘Fractal Voices’ was the first song I`ve ever created with my own voice. I had this creative moment, where I wanted to mix a little bit of an organic touch with a strong and catchy bassline and
some organic percussion. It was not easy to mix this kind of voice with this kind of techno because here the voice is more an instrument and not the lead vocal.

The song ‘False Hope’ was something new for me. I wanted to create some strong deep house and had to keep it simple. But in the production process, there was always something that missed in the song. So, I asked a friend of mine to write some short poems and I recorded her. After this and a little bit of post-production, the song was complete!’

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