Karim Zidan – Adrenaline (Original Mix)

Based in Europe’s most vibrant music city, Berlin, Soul Button has undoubtedly left a distinctive mark on the local scene. His exceptional producing skills make him an aural innovator, empowering his work with a unique edge and thus stamping it with a distinguishable trademark sound – Ethereal Techno.

His labels Steyoyoke, Steyoyoke Black and Inner Symphony have become an institution within the underground music circles. Along with his cutting edge radio shows and podcast series, Soul Button has substantially increased his following over the last few years. His international exposure and success affirms his place in the current electronic music scene.

‘Shadows’ was his first official EP released back in 2012. ‘Play Again’, ‘Swift Minds’ and ‘Wraith’ were three monumental EPs that followed. In May 2017, ‘Master Of My Fate’, gained much recognition from numerous high profile artists and quickly climbed the Beatport Deep House chart. After a number of top notch remixes, he kicked off 2018 with an extraordinary EP, ‘Reverie’, which peaked at #4 in the general Beatport chart, becoming one of the most significant release in his repertoire. His newest EP, ‘Metamorphosis’, will be released in July of 2019, followed by his upcoming album “Imagine To Be Free”.

Having cemented himself firmly in the scene, Soul Button maintains focus on the continuous growth and development of his labels as well as his own personal career. The upcoming years will surely be busy with new tours and projects on the horizon.

The Ethereal Techno compilation returns for its twelfth installment with another unforgettable edition. The album features 14 new exclusive tracks from a selection of up and coming producers, together with some recent Steyoyoke classics. Spanning 28 tracks, this compilation is a wonderfully composed journey through the minds of artists who represent today’s Ethereal Techno scene. Don’t miss your chance to add this staggering 20-track collection to your Ethereal Techno collection.

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