Morning Yoga Dance ⁃ Janax Pacha – Live Looping [Organic Downtempo ⁃ Folktronica – Ethnic & Tribal]

Use this music to dive deeper into your ⋄ Morning Rituals ⋄ to really tune in to your self, your body & your spirit.

Meditation, Stretching, Yoga, Making Love, Singing, Dancing…

All these rituals are such a beautiful and direct (also free) way to Feel and to tap into your real Frequency, tuning into a High Vibrational State.

Instead of grabing the phone, working, eating, etc.. take some time for YOU before receiving external inputs and stimulations from the outside world –

Slowing Down – Connecting with Silence and Stillness. The real Medicine.

This Set is a Live performance played and recorded in a Yoga Class at “Reflections Silent Retreat” at Lake Atitlan.

All the music is improvised in the moment looping ethnic and electronic instruments with chants.

It was a very powerful experience and a bit challenging to sing and play after many days of sitting in silence, meditating in a state of full receptivity.
It feels amazing to stay in silence disconnecting from all the inputs of the external world. I highly recommend you all to experience it, with no phone and nothing to do. As less input (music-films-books) more you discover your voice, your heart and your nature.

Janax Pacha is a State.
Taking you from Mother Earth – PACHAMAMA
to the Land of Heaven – JANAX PACHA
through vibration and sound
creating a ritual of dance and movement
to elevate the energy.

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