Morttagua – The Cabal (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment]

Morttagua brings the hybrid techno/progressive vocal single “The Cabal” to Timeless Moment.

A track about the dark ancient forces that have total control of human history for millennia’s, slaving us into total submission with subservice tactics through coercive force, propaganda, mind control, wars and more.

Very obscure atmospheres and vocals represent the darkness that “The Cabal” brings to the world, while the uplifting melodies that come on the main drop represent the LIGHT and the AWAKENING of us, humans, out of slavery into a world of peace, love, respect and harmony.

We Control what you think
We control what you thought
We control everything
Play the game like we are god

We are the masters of time
We are the owners of press
We are the kings of the lies
The Cabal of the West

We Control what you eat
We control what you see
We control what you need
We spit you believe

We are the owner of wars
We are the queen of the chess
We are the kings of the lies
The Cabal of the West

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