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Korg Opsix ambient Improv. with custom all sounds (Opsix, E520, Cosmos, Microcosm)

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This video is going to be part of a series, focusing mostly on a single synth and some pedals on the small desk. I’ve done these before of course, with the Lyra-8, Iridium Desktop, Elektron boxes etc and recently I started doing this again with the Novation Summit while I was programming some new sounds for it. it’s fun and quite relaxing to just improvise with such a small setup as opposed to say doing stuff in the DAW where i have to consider which synths to use/load up, choosing FX for each track, mixing as I go etc etc. Having the one synth on the desk for a few days also encourages me to design a bunch of brand new sounds for each synth, which in turn helps with another project – to release some presets! So anyway, they’ll be plenty more of these in the future, though for now I’ve just moved the eurorack back onto this desk for the modular patch.

Gear List: Computers: AMD RYZEN 9 5950X 64GB DDR43600 Asus ProArt X570 Samsung 980Pro 2TB M.2 2021 14inch Apple MacBook Pro Apple M1 Pro 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD

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