The Cableway Station // “E n t r e a t y” behind the session //

“Entreaty” ; behind the session

An immersive experience into my creative process.
A spiritual & musical pilgrimage on a mountain,
in the south west of France.

For those you’ve been following me for the last years,
you know i’ve been working around and refining a
special creative process.

The different steps of my creative process are ;

  1. The Research of the Place
  2. The First Exploration
  3. The Retranscription
  4. Layers of Perception (session day)
  5. Sharing the Experience.

In this mini documentary, step 2 “The First Exploration”,
and 4 “Layers of Perception (session day)” are mixed together.
The ascension on the session day was so challenging
physically & mentally, that we couldn’t record a lot during it.
We are a small 2 people team 👥