GSEP & Rikki Sawyer – Closer (ft. Summer Moreland)

“Gsep” (John Martin) and “Rikki Sawyer” are back once again on Perfecto Records’ sibling, (Perfecto Black) showing their worth on once more. After the raving success of their previous release on the label, these guys are at it again bringing the goods! This time they enlisted the vocal talents of singer/songwriter “Summer Moreland”, who is no stranger to the scene as of late. Their new tune is called “Closer” and it is definitely a breath of fresh air, full of emotion and endless splendor!

Chilled landscapes begin to appear on the invisible blank canvas we have before us. Like a call from afar the enigmatic word “closer” uttered by the singer finds its way to us like a mirage in the desert. A refreshing wind of melodies rushes over us adding that extra touch of brilliance to the atmosphere. Summer’s soulful vocal performance that follows ties in beautifully, becoming one with the intriguing aural landscapes that have formed. The listener is blessed with a full on emotional experience like no other! Chills from head to toe! GSEP & Rikki Sawyer – Closer (ft Summer Moreland), Released 2022-11-18, Perfecto Black

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