Duran & Aytek – Still Miss U

The legendary dance music outfit of “Duran & Aytek”, have become something of regulars on our label, “Perfecto Records”. If you have been following their releases, especially the newest material, you undoubtedly know you are in for a treat. Their latest single “Still Miss You” has just landed on the label and we can already tell that it is going to remain a populous favorite for quite a spell. This tune has it all! Rhythmical, upbeat futuristic grooves, pounding basslines and an ethereal atmosphere. A great dosage of psy-trance elements is craftily incorporated within, while drawing on a fusion of beautiful harmonies found in nature complete with a songbird ensemble, a fairy tale-like emotional gripping vocal performance, ferocious leads that just don’t end and acid lines to top it all off! Magical, adventurous, marvelous!

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