First-aid Kit and breathing exercises.

First-aid Kit.
We conquer the pang of pain by letting it flow and letting it go with our breath. There is much to learn from breathing exercises and observing their effect on our mood. It only takes a little dedication, and it’s easy, though the one challenge is first stopping to acknowledge the discomfort. Aware and mindfully focused on our physical despair, we breathe calmly, quietly, and lovingly through the uneasiness. It will pass. (EZM)

Relaxing for pain relief

Breathing properly oxygenates the body, fueling energy production, improves focus and concentration, eliminates toxins, and increases feelings of calmness and relaxation. This relaxation leads to a decrease in the feelings of pain.

  • First, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
  • Place one hand on your stomach right above your belly button. Place your other hand in the middle of your chest on top of your breastbone. Take a breath. Notice how it feels.
  • Breathe deeply. You should be able to first feel your hand on your stomach and then your other hand rise as your lungs fill with air.
  • Hold each breath briefly, then slowly breathe out. Feel your abdomen and chest slowly lower as you breathe out.
  • Notice the air entering your nose and mouth. Imagine the air going in your nose and mouth and filling your lungs. Notice the hand on your stomach slowly rise. Practice this.
  • Try to make your breaths longer and slower. Breathe out slowly.
  • As you breathe, let the air surround all the tension or pain that you feel in your body.
  • Imagine that you are blowing stress from your muscles out of your body as the air leaves your mouth.
  • Continue breathing and focus your mind and breaths on areas that are tense or painful to relax.

Take a moment to notice how different your body is already feeling. Notice how much better and more relaxed you feel.

WE&P by: EZorrilla.

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  1. One of my favorite things about my doggy snuggling with me at night or anytime really is the breathing I wrap my arms around her and her breaths become my breaths how to do this during the day when her and her son nap I find very deep Long breaths that they take bring a sense of Peace over me as I follow their breaths with my own 🐾💕👣