Morttagua – The Invisibles (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment]

Morttagua brings one of his biggest dance floor weapons of the season in “The Invisibles”.

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Is it possible that some alien species are here with us in in planet earth, living by our side and influencing our thoughts and actions, but we can’t see them? Are they from other dimensions, other galaxies or simply a product of our imagination?

Morttagua inspired himself in the stories of such alien species to produce a peak hour progressive house track that mixes hypnotic pluck melodies, phantasmagoric vocals, 4d mix down ambience and powerful bass lines. “The Invisibles” is a very unique track that has a lot of classic underground prog elements in its soul, but at the same time, brings to the table a very catchy infectious groove that you just can’t stop dancing to it.

“The Invisibles” seem to be timeless, and are here to stay!!

Mastered by Danny Oliveira at Konker Audio:

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