To commemorate a moment of beauty, awaken and connect with your surroundings

When lovers touch, their breathing and heartbeats synchronize, and feelings of physical pain fade.

Breathing and proximity can relieve stress, and the same intimacy and proper breathing can promote arousal. Arousal is a necessary and universal predecessor to orgasm. Couples grow increasingly aroused as they synchronize their breathing. Breathing will first deepen, their respiration rate will increase, and they’ll hold their breath as their muscles clench rhythmically. Maintaining Synchronized breaths in this way benefits arousal and climax.

Combining slow breathing and focus to enhance people’s mental and physiological well-being is present in many religious traditions. Coincidently (or not), many prayers and mantras worldwide are also about 5.5 seconds long. When practiced in a group, slow rhythmic breathing promotes the feeling of belonging, establishing a connection with those around us. With breath, we can maintain our connection to nature and, more profoundly, enjoy our activities. 

To commemorate a moment of beauty, awaken belonging, and connect with your surroundings, inhale and exhale thoroughly with a natural rhythm. Using all your senses, slowly notice as many details in the scene as possible. Compose a mantra by silently stopping and inhaling or exhaling for five seconds on each item in your view. Notice any sounds, smells, tastes, and, if you can, any feelings of sunlight or wind on your skin. Feel your breath coming into your nostrils, going to your lungs, and expanding your chest. Then visualize your breath going out the same way. Continue breathing, but imagine you are bringing in more loveliness and well-being each time you inhale. 

WE&P by: EZorrillaM.