How Jet Engines Work | Turbofan | Part 1 : Starting | Boeing 777-300ER | GE90-115B

In the first part of the B777 / GE 90 engine series we build the engine part by part and simultaneously complete all the cockpit switch selections for engine starting.
Once ready we attempt an automatic engine start and monitor the engine as it reaches the idle power.

Aircraft systems explained.
*APU starting, Electrical, pneumatic and fuel panel switch selections.

  • Engine starting (Auto) system.

Major components covered.

  • N1 and N2 rotor shafts.
  • Engine fan, low pressure compressor, low pressure turbine, combustion chamber, High pressure compressor and high pressure turbine.
  • Aircraft Battery, fuel tank, booster pumps, and spar valve.
  • Electronic engine control and Alternator.
  • Accessories gear box, transfer gear box, internal gear box, horizontal and radial drive shafts.
  • Fuel pump, fuel-oil heat exchanger, fuel filter, hydro mechanical unit, fuel flow transmitter and fuel nozzles.
  • Start valve, air starter, air swirlers, Ignition exciters and igniter plugs.

Software’s used for making the video. * Blender 2.93 and Filmora 10. Background music used in the video. * Go big or go home (Filmora stock library) and some personal electric guitar tunes.