HEADROOM (SA) – Live @ Baobá 2022 (Full Set 4K)

Hope you enjoy my full set from the wonderful ‘Baobá’ Festival in São José dos Campos (SP), Brazil. I had an amazing time performing my new album “Acid Trip Advisor” to a very welcoming crowd. We left the stage mic audio in place as you get a better sense of being there (I think hehe). So much love to everyone who was there and huge thanks to Baobá for including me.

Special mention to for an amazing year in Brazil and still more to come. 😉

Video credits: @ UP Audiovisual
Bookings: @ Infinite Bookings


  1. HEADROOM (SA) – Hang Ups And Downs
  2. HEADROOM (SA) – Peaking In Tongues
  3. HEADROOM (SA) – EDMdma
  4. HEADROOM (SA) – Acid Trip Advisor
    05 . HEADROOM (SA) – Anxiety Society
  5. HEADROOM (SA) – Y2K-Hole
  6. HEADROOM (SA) – 16Bit Masterchef
  8. HEADROOM (SA) – Drop Kicks
  9. HEADROOM (SA) – Sawtooth Fairy