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Morttagua – Tanzany (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment]

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Morttagua brings the uplifting peak time single “Tanzany” to Timeless Moment.

“Tanzany” is supposed to be an extraterrestrial species that come from the constellation of Perseus, near the star Gorgonea Secunda. Extremely advanced, they have caused many tragedies and cataclysms on Earth, as a way of study to see how Human reacts to such destruction.

Morttagua inspired himself on the stories and tales of the “Tanzany” to bring a dark, but at the same time very uplifting peak time dance floor smasher. With powerful rolling bass lines, complex percussion and sparkling arpeggios, “Tanzany” comes with a very special melodic breakdown that will put you through deep emotions and total euphoria. Simply timeless!!

Mastered by Danny Oliveira at Konker Audio:

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