Numayma – Interstellar

Numayma – Earth Needs a Rebirth (The Album), released on 2022-11-28, IONO Music, INM1DIGI711 Out now on Iono-Music we have the magnificent debut album from French artist Numayma – ‘Earth Needs a Rebirth’. This release contains 9 separate tracks; starting with a poignant intro message before moving onto the passionate title track ‘Earth Needs a Rebirth’.

To follow we have the epic vocal track ‘Interstellar’, the stunning trancer ‘Universe’, the deeper ditty ‘Trip to Valhalla’, the energising sounds of ‘Deep Healing’, as well as the squelchy goodness of ‘Changing Nature’, the triptastic ‘Reconstruction’ and finishing off with the meditative downbeat track ‘Astral Projection’. This album is quality from start to finish – the tracks are epic, innovative and perfectly produced.

The sounds used are freshly crafted, the vocals – so spiritual they reach in and caress your soul, and the music is invigorating and enriching. The album tells a very special intriguing captivating tale, which you don’t want to end.

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