Adam White & Ray Mitchell – Otago

We are always delighted to welcome one of our very own household names back to “Perfecto Records”, for yet another stellar release that will excite the masses! “Adam White” has been with us for years constantly displaying sheer production quality and straight forward tunes. For his new release he teamed up with fellow English producer “Ray Mitchell” for the uncanny “Otago”. Dominant kicks, pounding basslines and buzzing synths welcome us all aboard. Hypnotic melodies gradually sink in alongside a fine assortment of chopped vox and cool effects. Visions of aural grandeur appear like a mirage in the midst of the track, as the brooding atmosphere that has been building up like storm clouds, gives way to the rich harmonies of a majestic church choir. The tempest is unleashed soon afterwards, complete with a genius use of bells, zipping acid synths and pure dominant leads. An outstanding release by Adam and Ray which will wow the crowd in any club it is unleashed! Adam White & Ray Mitchell – Otago, Released 2022-12-02, Perfecto Records

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