You’re about to meet your Future Self. As your Future Self lets you in, take a good look around.

“Future Self” Guided Meditation

Get into a comfortable position. Now allow your eyes to close and begin by focusing your thoughts on your breath. Breathing in and breathing out. Breathing in easily and effortlessly. Then breathing out. Each breath allows you to become more relaxed and comfortable. Outside sounds only allow you to go deeper inside: a reminder of how good it is to leave the noise and stress of the outside world and journey into the quiet and peace of your inner world.

As you start to feel a sense of deep relaxation, picture yourself standing before a peaceful lake or pond. Drop a pebble into the center and notice the water rippling out. As the ripples flow further out and eventually slow down, the water once again becomes quiet and peaceful, and so do you.

Now standing on the edge of the body of water, imagine that there is a light right between your eyes. What color is the light? Picture that light as a bright beam that extends out into space. To start your journey, follow the beam as it leaves this building and travels up into the sky.

As you shoot further into outer space, take a minute to notice the beauty of the Earth below—the crystal blue ocean, the serene white clouds. Allow yourself to enjoy this perspective for a moment.

Once in the vastness of outer space, you’ll notice a nearby light beam of differing colors. Begin to follow that beam back down to earth. The beam is taking you back to earth five years from now, five years into the future. Keep following this beam down, noticing the curvature of the earth and the geography stretched out below you.

As you come closer to the end of the beam, keep noticing where you are. This is where your future self lives—you, five years from now. Come into contact with earth and notice where you are. Notice what dwelling or nature surrounds you.

[PAUSE 10-15 seconds between questions to allow time to build out the vision]

Now move to the dwelling of your future self. What does it look like? What kind of landscape does it have? Are there trees? Flowers? If so, what kind? Get a sense of this place.

You approach the entrance—you’re about to meet your Future Self. As your Future Self lets you in, take a good look around.

Greet your future self and notice the way your future self returns your greeting, welcoming you into this time and place five years in the future.

What does this person, the future you, look like? Notice how this person stands, and what this person is wearing. Get a sense of this person’s essence.

Notice the inside of this dwelling. What kind of person lives here? What are the colors of this place? Is anyone else there?

Now move with your future self to a comfortable place for a conversation. Perhaps your future self offers you something to drink. Settle in and make yourself comfortable for a talk with your future self.

There are questions that you might want to ask your future self. Begin by asking: “What are you doing with your life now? What do you love about your life?” Take a moment now to hear the answer. (Pause)

Now ask your future self the following question: “What do I need to know to get me from where I am now to where you are? What would be most helpful?” Listen to what your future self has to tell you. (Pause)

Good. Now tell your future self one thing that is really bothering, hurting, or worrying you right now…

And ask, “How did you overcome this challenge or heartache?” (Pause)

Next, ask, “What is our purpose?” (Pause)

Finally, ask your future self to tell you one important word for you to remember when you’re feeling down or need support to keep going toward your goals. What is that one word? Remember it.

As you are about to leave, you notice that your future self has a gift for you. Receive the gift. What is it? What do you notice about it? Ask them: What would you like me to know about this gift? (Pause)

Bringing this visit to a close, thank your future self for being here with you today and sharing so much wisdom.

Now, take a deep breath, breathing in this experience, remembering what you need to remember.

Now find your way back to the beam of light and journey back up the beam, watching this world of five years in the future grow ever smaller as you move out into space. Again, you see the ball of blue and green below you, clouds swirling around it. Notice that your beam of light has intersected with a different beam of light that will bring you back to this
year and this location. Follow this beam of light back to the present time on earth. As you travel down this beam, notice the earth growing bigger and bigger. Moving farther down the beam, notice the geography of the area, the skyline and landscape of the area, and, finally, come back into the room here. Good.

In a few moments, I will count from three to one. When I count to one, you will be refreshed and ready to remember everything about your inner journey.

When you open your eyes, please remain silent and jot down things you want to remember about your journey.

Three… coming back to the present time, feeling more alert…

Two… stretching your body, feeling the ground beneath you…

And one… open your eyes, refreshed and alert.

Music: Tymur Khakimov (…) Buddha statue image courtesy of Lotus Sculpture (; Other materials licensed from ShutterStock and Envato; Modified, manipulated and recreated by MrSunnyZ @ ParadiseTonight Video Production: MrSunnyZ @ ParadiseTonight