[LNOE146] Thought Patterns (Official Audio)

Wrapping up this eventful year for Last Night On Earth – we have one more release that we have been treasuring for months now. Off the back of ‘Nalo’ – his collaboration with Sasha on the LNOE TEN compilation – Lake Turner will be making his solo LNOE debut next month with his four-track EP; ‘Further Now’.

Andrew Halford aka Lake Turner is a London-based musician who previously made music in post-punk and indie groups Great Eskimo Hoax (Rallye) and Trophy Wife (Moshi Moshi). His debut full length ‘Videosphere’ was released on Kompakt in 2020 receiving plaudits from The Guardian. It was the first time he fully articulated his own vision of electronic music.

The kaleidoscopic ‘Further Now’ EP showcases Lake Turner’s ever expanding sonic palette in the electronic realm, and brings some fresh angles – including a triumphant collaboration with Brazilian producer Gui Boratto.

Lake Turner: “Working with Gui on Repeater was super special for me; his music was a gateway into the electronic world I currently operate in. He was one of the first electronic producers I heard using guitars in techno music & as a guitar player it signalled to me that it was acceptable to do so. Ironically there’s no guitars in the track we made together but do feel like what we’ve created is fresh out of the can.”