Silent Sphere – My Space (Album Mix)

Silent Sphere – My Space | Album Mix Iboga Records is proud to present the new Silent Sphere album that the duo have spent the past 4 years creating. Representing their personal journey and thoughts on life, this 8 track voyage flows seamlessly, fused together by emotive melodics, driving basslines and explosive dance floor energy. With the whole album produced, mixed and mastered by Silent Sphere in their studio, the result is an out of this world listening experience that invites us to breathe deep and sink back into a world of space and sound.

Tracklist: 1. 00:00:00 Supercomputer 2. 00:08:27 Peacemaker 3. 00:16:04 Gaia 4. 00:23:23 Cosma – Yok Yok (Silent Sphere Remix) 5. 00:30:46 Titicaca 6. 00:36:48 Tribe 7. 00:43:47 Fantasia 8. 00:51:06 Time Out Iboga – interviews & special videos: Iboga – Live Acts: