Megan Fair & Klunsh – Carmen Sprituale (Morttagua Remix) [Timeless Moment]

French duet Megan Fair and Klunsh bring the highly emotional single “Carmen Spirtuale” to Timeless Moment.

Listen / Download:

When Megan Fair, DJ Producer and Psychologist, came to see her close friend Klunsh, DJ Producer and Philosopher, this summer 2022, she knew she had to share in music what she had been through in her life the previous two years. After her last track Roundabout, produced in solo, she wanted to make a new track that would express what she had learned, her awakening and her rebirth. In the studio, during the creative process, Megan Fair received something bigger than herself, a call that came from the depths of her soul and at the same time exceeded her. A connection between sky and earth, between her soul and the universe : Carmen Spirituale was born. Megan naturally composed the main melody on synth, Klunsh accompanied her in turn and this symbiosis between the two producers became the strength of the track. Vibrational frequencies, sublimation and alchemy are the foundations of Carmen Spirituale.

Finishing off this release we have label boss Morttagua giving his interpretation to “Carmen Spirituale”. In his Remix, Morttagua brings hypnotic grooves, tribal percussions and his famous 4d plucks, to transform “Carmen Spirituale” into a total peak time dance floor weapon. Simply timeless!