Boundless – 100 Seconds to Midnight

After almost three years of intense yet very fun and satisfactory studio work – between that you can add all insecurities that came due to two years of pandemic world – Boundless can call themselves survivors and finally celebrate the release of their much-awaited debut album.

Spanning across 15 mind-blowing tracks that perfectly encapsulate the union sound of the duo, “100 Seconds to Midnight” travels through boundless dimensions delivering a strong message to remind us of our bond with our planet through the conduit of music. The album puts the spotlight on the metaphorical doomsday clock that counts the time until the end of the world, which has remained at the closest point it has ever been to midnight for the past years – 100 seconds to midnight.

The time is calculated in relation to Earth’s estimated age and the closer it gets to midnight, the worse the outlook for the planet’s recovery. If it passes midnight, it means that a chain of unbalanced natural catastrophes with unprecedented impact on life are put into action with no chance of reversal. A powerful message delivered across 15 powerful productions, the heart and soul of the album shines through from beginning to end, featuring the sonic contribution of collaborating artists such as Synesthetic, Luis M, Fernanda Pistelli, Cura, Dope, Zen Racoon and Methodic Spin.

“We truly hope that the clock goes backwards and that we can be more aware of our role in all of this, to be able to reach the peaceful state of living that we all dream on, and enjoy great moments, with good music, together with the ones we love.” – Boundless

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