Corren Cavini – Rescue Mission (Zerothree Exclusive)

Corren Cavini – Rescue Mission
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The magic of Corren Cavini graces Zerothree once again! The Dutch master of synthesisers, melody and emotion; back with something unique and masterful here, this is ‘Rescue Mission’.

Corren’s unmistakable sound has been growing month on month across the world as fans of progressive and melodic house gravitate towards his incredible music productions. A regular Zerothree family member that delivers timeless record after timeless record, Corren’s music sits outside of the ‘norm’, he ensures that themes and concepts push boundaries and challenge what society has been doing beforehand.

‘Rescue Mission’ needs MEGA praise… Break beat inspired grooves, heavy snare hits and the most important Corren Cavini ‘STAMP’ of a melody that will make any face curl with euphoria!

This is Corren Cavini … This is REALPROG