Breathtaking Close-Up. Airplane Landing gear in Slow Motion

Landing is the last part of a flight, where a flying aircraft or spacecraft (or animals) returns to the ground. When the flying object returns to water, the process is called alighting, although it is commonly called “landing” and “touchdown” as well.

The 777 has two main gear bogies, each with six wheels. Each bogie is attached to the root of the wing and retracts under the floor of the cabin.

The landing gear is the principal support of the airplane when parked, taxiing, taking off, or landing. The most common type of landing gear consists of wheels, but airplanes can also be equipped with floats for water operations or skis for landing on snow.

Conductive rubber is the preferred choice of material used in the production of airplane tires. It features the same force-absorbing properties as traditional rubber but with the added benefit of conductivity. Conductive rubber tires protect an airplane’s electronics from damage caused by electrical discharge.