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Boris Brejcha – Level One (Original)

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We, at Fckng Serious label, are thrilled to announce the release of Boris Brejcha’s new single.
This track is very special – “Level One” was the intro that Boris played on his shows worldwide last year, creating a Joker moment for thousands of people around the globe.
The driving force behind “Level One” is its dry, pushing bassline that hits you in the stomach, creating a sense of pressure like in space, where every scream is silenced. “Level One” the first spaceship that travels to unknown galaxies through a wormhole.
Aside from “Level One,” Boris is also dropping his single “Wormhole,” which not only leaves you craving for more music, but also paints a picture of a world filled with musical brilliance. Be sure to keep an eye out for Boris Brejcha’s many musical surprises this year. “Level One,” the new single, will be accessible on all major streaming platforms and downloadable from any online music store beginning on April 21st. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Boris Brejcha’s latest musical masterpiece!

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