Sunny Lax – Archons (Extended Mix)

“The Ruby EP is a little bit more experimental fusion between the old and new Sunny Lax. Sort of a showcase of the artistic freedom that i always wanted to reach: where i’m able to explore new genres, unusual sounds, arrangements and sometimes darker vibes than usual. I think i finally reached the point where i’m not just a DJ, but rather a storyteller. And with this kind of variety of tracks in my sets i’m able to tell a complete story and give a whole musical journey to my audience.

Ruby EP is following the same concept i started with Emerald: this is another collection of my ‘crystalized’ sounds in a similar way. I hope listening to the Ruby EP will bring you concentration, creativity, loyalty and compassion. This journey always reminds me of this quote: there is strong shadow where there is much light, but if you keep your face toward the light, shadows will fall behind you. Hope this will resonate with many of you!” Follow Sunny Lax:

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