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Egorythmia – Deviant

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Egorythmia’s long awaited third album ‘Deviant’ is a stunning masterpiece of progressive trance that transports listeners to a dreamy and eerie sonic universe. From start to finish, the album showcases the Macedonian producer’s exceptional talent and expertise in creating beautifully crafted soundscapes that are both dynamic and emotionally engaging.
The opening track, ‘Clones,’ sets the tone for the rest of the album with its atmospheric sound design and hypnotic rhythm. Pulsating basslines and intricate melodies that ebb and flow with precision and finesse – brimming with soaring beats that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the listener.
Egorythmia’s attention to detail is evident throughout the album, with each sound and element carefully crafted and layered to create a truly immersive listening experience.

Overall, ‘Deviant’ is a brilliant and captivating album, a culmination of the artist’s talent and the 15 years of experience on the psytrance scene.

Highly recommended for fans of progressive trance and electronic music connoisseurs alike!

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