Peter Pearson – It’s in The Stars (Original Mix) HD

Peter Pearson – It’s In The Stars – From The Album: HANGOVER LOUNGE GROOVES, VOL. 7 (VERY BEST OF RELAXING CHILL OUT PEARLS). Born in London 1947, qualified as a Doctor 1970, and subsequently became a General Practitioner until retirement in 1997. He dabbled in guitar (with brother), piano, and songwriting (with sister) in an earlier life, and played keyboards in a blues band (Blue Shift) in the nineties. After retirement from medicine, Peter was then able to concentrate on his other great passion- music composition. He completed “Music for the Media” course, obtaining a Diploma in Media Composition, and was awarded a Diploma in Music (composition) by the WMF. He achieved some notable successes in various song contests. He collaborated with and received much guidance from Nic Rowley. Several of his pieces have been published by Music Libraries, and over 200 tracks released, including a dozen albums. He is proud to be published by Mustard Music. Peter’s chief earlier influences have been Rachmaninov, Elgar, Chopin, Ray Charles, Burt Bacharach, John Barry, Francis Lai, Michel Legrand, Jobim, and Ennio Morricone; and then the great pop composers of a later era, with emotive, romantic and soul influences. More recently, he has been heavily influenced by the Chillout scene, notably Michael e.. A curiously diverse combination that may explain his equally diverse styles, that crosses the genres of Easy Listening and Chillout, with elements of Ambient, Lounge, Jazz, Blues, light Classical and Rock.His primordial need in composition is to be emotionally moved- if there is no passion there is no music. He also feels a need to share his music, and strives to compose for the enjoyment of others. Peter’s compositions are mainly instrumental. Being essentially a keyboardist, his chief materials are keyboards and a computer, with occasional use of an acoustic guitar and accordion. Peter’s other passions include wine, sun, nature and his family. He lives happily in the south of France with his patient and supportive wife. As Francis Lai once told him: when music becomes a passion, it is an outlet that helps us surmount the imponderables of life. !!