Santiago Luna & Xtabay – Mermaid Secrets

Collaborations in dance music always hold a special interest to us all don’t you agree? When two talented artists join forces to create a truly memorable tune that’s when the magic materializes. Santiago Luna known by his ex alias Lightform has teamed up with Xtabay for the marvelous tune you have laid out before you. Delve deep into the world of legend and myth with their new tune “Mermaid Secrets”.

Welcomed aboard by dark, brooding moods and a sturdy percussion the listener easily finds himself/herself sinking into the deepest depths of the dark, abysmal waters, which appear to have no seabed. Strange wails, melodic segments and orchestral elements enhance the atmosphere furthermore bringing an epic flavor to the tune alongside the curious underwater effects. Let go of your inhibitions and give into the mermaid’s tempation. Join hands and let her take you freely on a journey to her world below the waves, a place few have ever discovered!

Perfecto Records Playlist:

• Paul Sawyer – Reign

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